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Domestic pure titanium earrings hematite ball [Horie / H-TP8206]

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Hematite means “blood stone” in Greek. When the stone is scratched, the scratched portion turns red and looks like a bloodline. It is said to protect blood health by purifying and circulating blood, and is also known as a substitute stone for detecting danger on behalf of people who have it.

Size Overall length: approx. 14.5mm Stone: 4.0mm diameter
Post shaft length: about 10.0mm Post shaft thickness: Diameter about 0.7mm

Country of origin Japan
Manufacturer Horie
Material Pure titanium Approx.99.8%
Stone part hematite
* Please be aware that the color and size of the left and right stones may differ slightly due to natural stones.

About catch
As you use it, the spring pressure of the catch may become weaker. If you feel the catch is loose, adjust the pressure by increasing the ring of the spring with a pointed round object like the tip of a chopstick as shown in the figure.

How to care
(Titanium part)
If it looks cloudy or dull, wipe it with your own jewelry cloth or glasses.
(Wipe with a non-abrasive material.)
Or, it is recommended to wash with a sponge with a neutral detergent and dry it in a place exposed to light after rinsing the detergent with water.
* Please note that the stone and pearl should not be exposed to detergent or water.

Depending on the viewing environment, the color of the actual image may look slightly different.
There may be some differences depending on the product, such as size and weight.
Please be forewarned.