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About Delivery method & Shipping fee

About Delivery Days

■ The above number of days is just a guidance about the delivery schedule. There are occasions that there will be a delays depending on the delivery situation.

■ There are occasions when there are delays due to delivery conditions due to road conditions, weather and other unexpected factors.

■ Year-end and New Year holidays, Christmas, before holidays, etc. delivery may have some delays.

※ Products with lithium batteries (mobile battery, drive recorder), etc. can not be delivered by air mail.

Regarding the delivery to Hokkaido, Okinawa, and the remote islands, the case may take more shipping days from the above estimate.

Confirmation of products with lithium batteries can be confirmed on each product page or our inquiry page.

About the use of recycled materials for packing

In our shop, we are working on the reduction of packaging materials from the viewpoint of environmental protection.
For that reason, we are using recycled materials such as used cardboard for packing materials.
Also, in the case of sending small items, we may ship in simple packaging such as paper bags or envelopes.

If you wish to inquire beforehand about the packing of products sorry for the inconvenience but please contact us at our inquiry page. In addition, regarding packaging, even if you would like to tell us your request, we may not be able to respond immediately, so please acknowledge it beforehand.

About Yamato Transport Neko Post

・Delivery will be completed by posting in post as luggage received, receipt etc. Signature of the receipt is not necessary.

  In the case of shipping to apartment houses or companies, there are occasions where postings are posted in to collective posts etc.

Square packaging, A4 size (31.2 cm × 22.8 cm) will be shipped in envelope up to about 2.5 cm thick.
Delivery schedule date & Time zone specification are can not be accepted.
Delivery days as same as Takkyubin (※ Some areas excluded) ※ Delivery date cannot be specified.
Underwriting limit for loss / damage of baggage will be 3,000 yen. Also, after shipping the post, we can not do any warranty such as when it is stolen by any chance.
Since we have indicated the tracking number of the shipping company to the e-mail of the shipment completion from our shop, please contact directly to the shipping company for the delivery situation.
· After shipment, if you contact the shipping company for cancellation of shipping due to ordered by mistake or just according to your want, We will just be refunding your ordered amount less the amount of the shipping cost, please acknowledge it.

About the Returns

Please contact us within 7 days from the date of item arrival if you want to return the item, we will accept returns only if the item is unopened. In that case, the return shipping cost must be covered by the customer.

Refund can not be accepted in the following cases.:

Unpacked or opened goods.
Expired product warranty
After receiving, if the goods has outer crates scratches or breakage.
・Returned goods without prior notice.

About the cases where there is a problem with the delivered goods

If there is a defect such as malfunction in the delivered goods, please contact within 7 days after the package arrival. We will ship a new items for replacement.

Also, if we can not prepare a replacement item for the reasons below etc., we will provide you a refund to your purchased products instead of product exchange.

In cases where it is difficult to arrange for replacement goods due to the following reasons such as sold out, long-term out of stock     items, production end etc.
In the case of the product is made to order

If you wish to exchange goods at your convenience, the shipping costs must be shouldered by the customer. When you return the item to our shop please choose your preferred shipping method for your convenience.

In order to prevent troubles such as lost after shipment, we recommend shipping by a method that can be track.

Cash on Delivery

Upon delivery, you will pay the order amount to the shipping courier staff that delivers your package.

The Cash on Delivery fee is calculated and added in your purchased amount during check-out.

Cash on Delivery fee rate (Tax included)

Below ¥10,000 - ¥324

¥30,000 or less - ¥432

¥100,000 or less - ¥648

¥300,000 or less - ¥1,080

¥500,000 or less - ¥2,268

¥1 million or less - ¥3,240

When exceeding ¥1 million - ¥4,320