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国産純チタンボディピアス ビーズ16G(1.2mm)内径9.5mm☆5色展開【Horie/H-Q123】



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¥ 3,238 (税込)

Color Variation Color Variation

Size Gauge: 16G (1.2mm)
Ring Inner Diameter: 9.5mm
Titanium Ball Diameter: 4.0mm
Name Also referred to as Captive Ring (CBR) and Ball Crosser Ring (BCR).
Country of
origin Japan Manufacturer Horie (Horie)
Material Pure titanium About 99.8% color Except

platinum color, a thin titanium oxide (Tio2) film is applied by a special surface treatment (anodizing method).
The color will be slightly thinner due to friction. Please understand.
(Even if the color becomes thin, the quality of titanium does not change, so you can use it with confidence.)
If it looks cloudy or dull, wipe it with your jewelry cloth or glasses. Please.
(Wipe with a non-abrasive material.)

[Color and Platinum] As the
color may fade due to friction, wash with a sponge soaked in a neutral detergent and rinse with water. We recommend drying in a place exposed to light.
* However, please be careful not to attach the detergent to the stones and pearls.

Wearing method

■ We recommend that you practice putting on and taking off the ball several times before putting the body piercing on your body.
As the gauge becomes thicker and the inside diameter becomes smaller, the spring force of the ring itself becomes stronger, making it difficult to remove and attach the ball.
The ball can be attached relatively easily by hooking one end of the ring into the groove on one side of the ball, and then sliding it so that the other side is pushed in.
Special tools such as open pliers and closed pliers may be required for thick objects of 10 to 8G or more. (Not sold in our shop. Please note.)

The color of the image and the real thing may look slightly different depending on the viewing environment.
There may be some differences depending on the product such as size and weight.
Please understand beforehand.