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HDMI 4 input 4 output Distribution Switch 4K resolution compatible THD44MSP-4K

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We will release 4K (3840 × 2160) compatible 4-input 4-output HDMI switching device [THD44MSP-4K] from our "HDMI MATRIX SWITCH" series.
It is a matrix type HDMI switching machine that can freely select and display HDMI output from up to 4 devices to output destinations such as 4 displays.
Connect up to 4 Blu-ray and DVD players, game machines, etc. in use, support switching output and distribution output on up to 4 displays, save time and trouble of replacing cables, etc. You can switch HDMI devices smoothly and use them.
The switching operation corresponds to switching of the output destination with the supplied remote control as well as the switch on the main unit. In addition, RS232 port (serial port) is equipped, and operation with PC is also possible.
The resolution supports up to 3840p ultra full HD 4K display, and also supports 3D image display. The HDMI version supports 1.4a, input HDCP 1.4, and output HDCP 1.4a.
You can also operate EDID manually, and you can set the resolution and audio format that can be displayed on all devices as needed.