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TOPLAND TPC-150-WT Switch tap with USB 1.5 m white

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Built-in lightning surge reduction component. 4 input cord length 1.5 m
Saving standby power individually ON / OFF
It reduces damage on the connected device.
Body size: W45 x H250 x D 31 mm (excluding cord)
Weight: about 340 g
Cord length: about 1.5 m
[Lightning surge mitigation part]
· Maximum surge voltage: 6000 V
· Limited voltage: 400V
· Rated input: AC 125 V 14 A Total up to 1400 W
· Number of mouth: 4 mouth
· Rated output: DC5 V total 2.4 A (maximum)
· Connector shape: USB-A type
Number of ports: 2 inputs
[USB port]
[Outlet Inlet]