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TOPLAND 3 Input outlet tap & LED light Total 1400W M7410

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Body size Width 4.9 × depth 9.9 × height 3.7 cm Weight 112 g
Item Description Rated input: AC 100 V (50 Hz / 60 Hz) 0.3 A (Max)
Outlet receptacle: AC100V / total 1400W total
Outlet socket number: 3 pieces
LED light source: 1 LED light bulb color
LED write power consumption: 0.4 W
LED light built-in battery: nickel hydrogen battery (3.6 V 650 mAh)
LED light charging time: about 15 hours
LED light lighting time: about 6 hours (in case of strong use)
Automatic lighting when a power failure occurs
Remove it from the wall outlet and turn on the portable light
With 2 step dimming function (weak / strong)
Receptacle plug that can be stored
LED light bulb color